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Landsberg am Lech




LPH 5 - In progress

The existing residential complex will be densified with two new buildings, a four- and a three-storey apartment building, and supplemented in a contemporary way. These new buildings should enable a higher quality use overall (roof garden, ground-floor garden terrace, ...) and also address a different range of tenants. On the one hand, an offer is to be made for older residents of the complex who want to move into a smaller apartment with more comfort and offers without losing their familiar living environment, and on the other hand, an attractive offer for new tenants in the existing residential complex is to be created.

The building construction is planned as a hybrid wood construction over a basement in solid reinforced concrete construction with rising bulkheads made of reinforced concrete panels, prefabricated concrete hollow box ceilings and facades made of cross laminated timber panels with mineral wool insulation and rear-ventilated wooden cladding.  

The façade image is characterized by the gray glazed vertical wooden cladding, the horizontal fire protection aprons made of anthracite-colored sheet metal, wooden windows made of dark gray glazed local wood and the storey-high loggias or the arcade made of reinforced concrete, fire-resistant wall coverings made of anthracite-colored fiber cement panels and anthracite-colored locksmith work on the parapets . In the area of the arcades, an equally robust, damage-resistant, low-care and maintenance appearance as well as the darker color should create an elegant, upscale appearance. Against the darker background, the wall panels of the elevator tower and the cladding of the stairways made of wooden slats in light concrete gray stand out graphically and plastically. For orientation and individualization, the apartment doors are accentuated with a subtle use of color and graphic logos. The upper end of the building is formed by the surrounding greenery along the attic with a hornbeam hedge. This is supplemented by the - individually designed - planting of the balcony boxes in the loggias, as well as the hornbeam hedges in front of the ground-floor terraces. The discreetly restrained design and the continuation of the hornbeam hedge from the enclosure of the residential complex to the adjacent outdoor facilities, terraces and up to the edge of the roof are intended to integrate the new buildings harmoniously into the overall picture.

The flat, walkable roof area of both new buildings is covered at the ends of the building with technology, air heat pumps and PV systems, and in the middle area is designed as a roof garden for the residents with a pergola, sandpit and raised beds. For this purpose, the pergola is divided into 3 areas, as an offer for different user groups, families or types of use (children's birthday parties, barbecue evenings, coffee parties,...).


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