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Garching – Munich



The café for the Faculty of Chemistry in Garching is located in the public corridor area.  This is defined by carefully detailed, timeless and robust materials, exposed concrete, bricks and granite slabs, as well as the skylight incident through the dissolved precast concrete construction.  The intervention in this area is limited to two elements, namely a 6 m long stainless steel body and a 2.5 x 2.5 m stainless steel panel on the wall - also timeless and robust.  Sliding the lockable body produces a 10 m long bar counter with various refrigerated display cases.  By pushing on the stainless steel panel, the back of counter with espresso machine and passage into a small storage and preparation room becomes accessible.  A stainless steel chain curtain screens the rear area, but allows passage at any time and provides a reference to the customer from within.  With minimal technical and design interventions, a small, functional café has been created that is either spacious and open or robust and unobtrusive in just a few simple steps.

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