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The architectural practice Haack + Höpfner . Architekten was founded by Lydia Haack and John Höpfner in 1996 after many years of work in Great Britain in addition to teaching and research activities at the Technical University (TU) in Munich.

Since then, the team has been involved in the planning and realisation of construction projects as well as a wide range of investigations, urban planning appraisals and the development of planning concepts.


Over the years, the background of experience from university, research and the various studies on urban architectural issues has culminated into the unique/distinct spectrum of services offered by the office today.  These range from experimental construction, innovative technical building components, new typologies for commercial building construction, a building system as the CI of a client, to classical building tasks with a strong focus on spatial sound, lighting, material mood and attention to detail.

Our clients include the public sector, the private sector and individual builders with high standards for discretion and prudence.  Accordingly, our planning contracts range from individual work phases as part of a planning team, to general planning and full representation of the client, who can thus remain discreetly in the background.


The presentation and explanation of planning results to involved parties, planners, responsible authorities and the public has become a routine to us.  This includes, for example, public participation via workshops and mediation procedures in order to coordinate preferences and goals in urban development concepts, SWOT analysis and also conciliation procedures with critical residents confronted with controversial building projects.


Our office can be commissioned both directly and through participation in feasibility studies, competitions and VgV procedures.  



We process all work phases defined according to HOAI (1–9)


from participating in planning teams to complete project management


Feasibility studies, design proposals, evaluation research studies and public participation


Participation in open and invited competitions, as well as VgV procedures

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