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Munich – Allach



A light wooden frame construction was set on an already existing extension from the 1960s, in order to create space for three generations within this settlement house from the 1940s, in spite of a small budget. The new living space now opens across its full width southwards to the garden. The adjoining room zones are oriented to the north. A continuous band of cladding visually surrounds the new building and respectfully maintains distance to the roof of the old building. The band consists of a structure of square profiles, serving as a ventilated facade, as privacy and glare protection, and as rain cover for the terrace when fitted with glass panels. A window in the middle of the west façade wraps itself up from the wall into the roof area and emphasises with further skylights the development in the central space from the main building. High insulation values, solar energy gains through façade / service water collectors as well as wood heating, combine the increase in living space with energy savings.

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