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1890 m² | 16830 m³

Building and overall facility of the company headquarters refrain from ostentatious gestures. The delicate and quiet charm is supported by the materiality and proportion of the houses and the spaces in between, as well as the meticulously coordinated details and garden design. 

The building is based on a modular principle, the ‚robust house‘, which conclusively serves as a basic urban planning module in the design of the administration building, the outdoor facilities and the future housing development.


The administration building consists of eight of these modules, four on either side of a hall, that can be flexibly parted into single rooms, group rooms or open space offices on each floor.

The two-storied and glass-covered atrium hall is connected to the garden by conservatories and glass joints, making trees, hanging plants, waterfall and  water basin perceivable from inside the building.

Hanging corridors, bridges, seating niches and an espresso bar are intended as provisions for informal encounter and casual communication between the employees. This positively strengthens the working climate and promotes identification with the workplace and the company.

The basement contains storage and technical rooms as well as a naturally lit, ventilated underground car park. This is directly connected to the atrium hall via two stairwells, each of which rises around a tree placed in its centre.


Despite low mechanisation of the building, minimal energy consumption is achieved through the use of a light-directing system on the atrium roof, massive exterior walls with specially developed box windows, and activation of the storage masses and the groundwater heat pump with PV drive, resulting in low maintenance and servicing costs. All in all, this creates a high level of workplace quality as well as durability and flexibility of use.

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