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AA. DIPL. John Höpfner, architect and city planner BDA

John Höpfner is an architect, city planner and managing partner of the architectural firm Haack + Höpfner founded with Lydia Haack. Architects BDA.

He completed his studies in Munich and London, was registered as an architect in Germany and Great Britain and was appointed as a full member of the BDA Bavaria. Through many years of professional experience in the offices of Michael Hopkins & Partners and Richard Rogers Partnership, London, he has extensive knowledge of planning and construction in Great Britain and Germany.

He was appointed to various committees and committees by the Bavarian Chamber of Architects, deals with current issues of the profession, is a conciliator and representative of the freelance architects at the OLG. As a member of the State and Administrative Committee for Architectural Care in the Bavarian Supply Chamber, he represents the interests of the architectural community. As a member of the mobile design advisory board of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects, he advises municipalities in Bavaria on critical construction projects.

He is a judge in competition proceedings, as well as a lecturer and author.

In addition to the daily tasks of professional practice, he is particularly interested in questions of qualitative and sustainable urban development, energetic and resource-saving construction, dealing with constructive building components, as well as contemporary concepts in construction, function and design.

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