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Urban Development


Munich – Aubing



As part of the urban planning support program 'active city and neighbourhood centres' (Aktive Stadt- und Ortsteilzentren) Neuaubing-Westkreuz an architectural and urban examination and several planning conceptions for the area Ubostraße were made on behalf of the MGS Münchner Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung (Munich Company for Urban Redevelopment ). This includes an area of approx. 6,7 ha and is of central importance for preparatory investigations in urban development as well as the development of the town centre Aubing and the ensemble for the protection of historic buildings Aubing.  

The research areas covered a survey and subsequent socio-cultural balancing of interests of the located user groups, an inventory of the 'Aubinger Tenne' with new utilisation concepts, the redesign of the area between the historic church St. Quirin and the 'Tenne Ubostraße' in order to recover the historic neighbourhood centre, and several versions of possibilities for the successive urban reorganisation of the whole area focusing on habitation.

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