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Petrol Station





A comprehensive construction system for gas stations was successfully proposed in an invited competition. In the course of realizing the new building at Fürstenrieder Straße 172, the system was specified and refined for other new buildings.  


The principle is based on a three-dimensional planning grid of a steel skeleton construction, which is related to the requirements of vehicle movement, technology and spatial planning, a continuous roof with a centrally located skylight band made of ETFE cushions, an attractively light and clear appearance, passive and active energy measures optimized room comfort, as well as an urban green design embedding in the environment. Lifting, folding and sun protection devices were developed and used project-specifically for the ETFE pneumatic cushions of the roof.


Since 2000, seven new buildings and a large number of conversions have been carried out, and preliminary and input plans for further locations have been drawn up. The station construction and conversions were able to define a future-oriented standard for this type of construction task, whereby the modular character has proven itself in the case of necessary adaptations to the structural environment as well as in the case of extensions and conversions. Looking back at the initial situation from 1999, the client's expectations with regard to the organization of the operating processes, flexibility of the system in construction and maintenance, as well as employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and the external image were met. The principle has proven itself in practice to this day and has become a success story for the client and architect.


The realizations have been published many times and have been awarded prizes, repeatedly selected for the architectures of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects and included in the Neufert building design theory as a template.


New buildings :

  • Fürstenrieder Strasse 210-12,  Gas station Beverage store Cafe bar  2000 - 01,  Stages 1 - 8

  • Georg-Brauchle-Ring, petrol station, drinks market, café bar,  2001 - 03,  Stages 1 - 8

  • Gilching, Landsberger Straße 92, truck stop, petrol station, beverage store, bistro café, car wash with vacuum cleaner system, 2002 - 04, Lph 1 - 8

  • Unterföhring gas station, drinks market, fast food restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating areas, car wash with vacuum cleaner system, 2004 - 07,  Stages 1 - 8

  • Augsburg, Gablinger Weg, petrol station for trucks and cars, drinks trade, fast-food restaurant with seating area, 2005 - 08,  Stages 1 - 8

  • Chiemgaustraße Munich, linear gas station facility, beverage trade, fast food restaurant with seating area, 2007 - 09  Stages 1 - 8  

  • Triebstraße 35, Munich, gas station, drinks market, fast food restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating areas, car wash, vacuum cleaner system, 2008 - 10,  Stages 1 - 8

Modifications and extensions:  

  • Germering, Landsberger Strasse

  • Karlsfeld, Munich Street 146

  • Munich Trudering,  Kreillerstrasse 219

  • Unterschleißheim, Ludwig-Thoma-Strasse 10

  • Landsberg, Munich Street 17

  • Munich Moosach, Triebstrasse  11e

  • Munich Untermenzing, Von-Kahr-Str. 1

  • Rosenheim, Kufsteiner Strasse 24


Preliminary design and input planning:  

  • Ingolstadt, Munich Street 172

  • Munich, Fürstenriederstrasse 175  

  • Munich, Kreiller Strasse 220

  • Munich, Implerstrasse 21

  • Oberhaching, Further-Bahnhof-Strasse

  • Starnberg, Munich Street 18

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