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13,100 sqm

The competition entry for a hotel and residential building complex at the junction of Landsberger- and Offenbachstraße is subject to strict urban planning guidelines along with the requirements of accessibility, emission protection, eligibility and switchable layouts.


The basic urban form is organised in a way that locates the residential buildings in the more protected areas, and the hotel in the more public area facing the junction and the bridge of the promenade, thus presenting it publicly, whilst it serves as a protective shield for the residential part of the complex. The location of the reception face-to-face with the promenade enables guests to comfortably reach the hotel by foot directly from the train station in Pasing. The open expansion of the reception to the basement, into a second lobby at the lower-lying Offenbachstraße, enables guests to arrive at the hotel or to reach the parking deck on the second floor by taxi or by car comfortably and sheltered.


Furthermore the concept focuses on two current issues:


The design of entrances, staircases and roof surfaces as spots for creating identity and enhancing neighbourhood. The staircases are shaped invitingly and open, varying in colour. They have glass alcoves to sit in and enjoy the view, contributing to address generation and serving as a meeting point for the house community, which is to be additionally strengthened by the communal rooftop gardens. The hotel guests are provided with roof terraces as special areas of retreat.


The underground car park is connected to the inner courtyard, an attractive and perceptible part of the building complex and green design. A narrow green and seepage open hill serves as an orientation point, footpath and shared centre of the hotel and residential complex, enabling better exposure and ventilation and also connecting the two usage areas. In the long run this provides the possibility of a more optimised subsequent use of the parking areas when the means of mobility of our society have changed.

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