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Gemeinde Dasing


2019 - ...


LPH3 - In progress


2,570 m² | 10,500 m³

The expansion of the town hall and the rededication of Kirchstrasse make it possible to create a spatial sequence of attractive locations between the two reference points, the maypole and the church, as a new ‘urban heart’ for the citizens of Dasing. The result is an overall ensemble that relates to the local history and topography of Dasing and is characterized by the dialogue between the existing and the new, traditional and modern. 

The new town hall complex consists of the existing buildings together with three new structures, an elongated one with the administrative functions and a replacement building for the old school building with the council hall and below a hall for the citizens, as well as an addition to service the festival hall. The new adminitration and council buildings are connected to one another via a bridge. This bridge forms a gate situation to the east and contributes to the spatial characteristic of the upper square. To the south, between the new and old buildings, a generous sittingstair leads from upper public square to lower piazza with fountain and further to the festival meadow and maypole. By this spaces are created that emphasize the importance of the town hall in the community and are enlivened by the various uses and functions as a village common room. In addition to the function of the communal administration, the aim is to create a high quality of stay, proximity and identity for the citizens with the event hall, festival meadow, meeting room and the high-quality public indoor and outdoor spaces.

The design of the facades refers to the rural buildings in the area, elongated saddle roofs, plastered plinths and wall surfaces with small openings, as well as surfaces designed with wooden slats in front of the windows of the administration, the hall and the bridge. This lamellar facade enables subdued daylight and a view, serves as a sun and privacy screen, and can be pushed open as required. In day-to-day operations, the administration conveys openness and closeness to the citizen, and in the evenings and weekends it appears tidy and calm.


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