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New construction of a shopping center with residential buildings and a family center


Residential + commercial + family center


Munich - Neuaubing




3rd prize


15.500 m² | 56.520 m³

The new center with local suppliers, medical practices, the family and day-care center for children, complements the existing facilities, St. Markus Church and middle school around a common green center. The quality of the existing green space will be expanded beyond the street space into a tree place with many offers for the residents. This creates an extensive public space, as a common center, with extensive and differentiated opportunities for encounters, stays and a variety of leisure activities.

In the north and east, this common center is structured as a quarter square via 2-storey buildings that accommodate the family and children's day-care center as well as local suppliers and medical centers and serve as a base for two residential towers. In terms of urban planning, these relate to the residential towers in the west and form two high points, of which the southern one marks the square visible from afar. The offset of the residential towers beyond the base building differentiates the structure and the urban space, makes the various functions structurally legible and offers weather-protected areas for various uses in front of the entrances. 

The loss of near-residential open space and green areas through buildings and public space is compensated for on the roof levels, in the form of access routes and breaks for residents, employees and doctors, as well as play and recreational areas for the house communities. The facade greening from the cantilevered terraces complements this and additionally enhances the residential complex and the surrounding area.

In the ideas section, the outdoor spaces are carefully rearranged, the barrier-free access and pathways are improved, and the range of uses is expanded with sports fields, open-air cinema and areas for recreation and recreation. The staircase in front of the church is being renewed generously and barrier-free via a diagonal ramp, with the maypole as a visual marker for the new church square. For the  Church we propose an increase with apartments. In addition, this would be given more presence in the urban space, new living space is created and the typology of the tower on a square floor plan is playfully continued to the south.

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