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Urban Development


Munich – Neuaubing



Within the framework of the 'Active Centres Neuaubing-Westkreuz', the Munich Society for Urban Renewal mbH and the Westkreuz Forum are for the first time investigating and evaluating trade and retail in a mixed-use building complex from the 1980s. Due to a lack of perceptibility and poor accessibility, among other things the non-accessible access to the S-Bahn, the Westkreuz Forum has become unattractive in the face of competition from large-scale local suppliers, characterised by a downward spiral of declining customer frequency and a one-sided mix of commercial and gastronomy sectors. 


Based on the analysis of strengths and weaknesses in function and design and an extensive participation process, including a pedestrian and resident survey and several public workshops and round tables, recommendations were made (preliminary planning LPH 1 and 2 HOAI and cost estimate) which comprise a package of measures for the design of squares, paths and roadways, green areas, facades, porches and complementary buildings. The pre-planning phase is the foundation for the determination of the support framework for further implementation and a decision base for further steps of the ownership parties concerned.

By upgrading function, design, reachability and appearance and by increasing the quality of stay, thus reanimating the qualitative potential of the urban complex with the help of public funding, the long-term future of the location can be secured. Further key aspects of our work include a design guide for all mobile goods belonging to the traders and the implementation of a MVG (Munich Transport Company) mobility station on the grounds of the complex.

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