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Munich – Student city




6.5 m² |  18.6 m³

The ‚micro compact home’, short ‚m-ch’, is a space-optimised apartment cube with 2,65 metres edge length, which appears to be floating on a light structure. Its interior is divided into ergonomically optimised room zones, covering all the standards of a daily routine and allowing variation by the inhabitant to meet his individual requirements. The modular concept of mobile, minimised accommodation units and additional urban planning elements enables the temporary use of various building sites, creating high quality living space in a short time. The ‚micro compact home’ works as a single unit or as a compound. The prefabricated habitation modules are delivered to the respective location by car or lorry where they can be time-efficiently installed separately, as an object in the landscape or as a residential complex of any size.


The O2-Village, Grasmeierstr. 7, Studentenstadt/Munich, including seven apartment cubes, was the first realisation of this concept and has been continuously inhabited since November 2005.


Fully responsible for the general planning, our practice comprehensively revised the theoretical concept ‚i-home’ based on the experience made in the project ‚Parasite’ on behalf of HCLA. After the development and presentation of a prototype ready for serial production in spring 2005, O2-Village was realised.


The apartment cube was repeatedly published and rewarded, amongst others with the  BDA-Preis Bayern, and presented in the MoMA in New York and at other locations. Converted into an information pavilion at the Architecture Week A3 it was part of an urban planning installation at Odeonsplatz in Munich.


Featured in the architectural tour ‚Architektouren’ of the Bayerische Architektenkammer (Association of Bavarian Architects) 2006.

BDA-Preis Bayern and other rewards

Selected Place _ Deutschland _ Land der Ideen 2007


The micro compact home is the copyright of Richard Horden.

All rights reserved.


Contactmicro          compact home ltd, London,, tel +44-207-4954119

Architects                HordenCherryLee London,

Haack + Höpfner . Architekten, München,, tel +49-89- 12391731

Production              m-ch microcompacthome production GmbH, Uttendorf,, tel +43-7724-619720 

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