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Munich – Freimann



Extension to a small estate house from the 1950s including spatial reorganization. In order to make the most of the view over the lake on the South side of the house, the orientation of the main quarters was changed and they were included into the extension, which also helped to meet the requirements of noise- and wind protection. The extension serves as an acoustic insulation towards the nearby motorway, contains the development of the house, an office and a breakfast room and leads from the Northern entrance to the living space and the terrace with a pergola on the South side. The light wooden structure of the extension with its differentiated connection details and light openings marks a contrast to the predominantly closed and massive construction of the preexisting building. By referring to the dimensions of the old building, the extension is adapted to its proportions, but varying them. This results in unity in contrast. The high standard of insulation and details produce thermal gains, leading to better thermal qualities for the whole building and thus to increased living comfort.


Featured in the architectural tour ’Architektouren’ of the Bayerische Architektenkammer (Bavarian Chamber of Architects) 1999.

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