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Bad Feilnbach




183 m² |  714 m³

Complete renovation and extension of a detached house with a spacious garden on the edge of the Alps for an art-loving couple.  The house was interwoven with the garden via a new development and a glass entrance building. Through extensions and conversions, a flowing living area was created on the ground floor, which extends from a gallery room with the ''apple tree window'' through the lounge area to the open kitchen and can be opened generously to the garden. On the upper floor there are bedrooms and retreat rooms with en-suite bathrooms, which provide a view of the mountains via large windows. On the lower floor there is a new guest apartment with atrium.

A veranda with sun sails presented to the main house, enables sun protection, weather-protected access to the terrace and contributes to the filigree, light appearance of the garden side. Slats above the glazed entrance building reduce heat input and glare whilst generating a pleasant play of light throughout the day. The floating trellis at the end of the circular path to the side of the terrace protects it from wind and view.

All in all, a dark, cramped house was transformed into a spatially versatile, generously lit building with sculptural qualities as intermediary between art objects and landscape.

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