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Munich – Lehel




348 m² |  1322 m³

The Alfred Adler Institute is a state-approved counselling centre for parents with infants and young children, for children, young people and adults. The design quality of the therapy rooms is essential for a successful therapy and thus subject to high standards, which was the reason for a relocation.

The premises in the new location of the institute in the Widenmayerstraße (listed protection as historic ensemble) were comprehensively renovated. On narrow grounds six therapy rooms, two outpatient departments as well as offices and conference rooms were designed to meet the requirements of a modern therapy institution. The new rooms are divided into two utilisation units: An area for child therapy (individual conversations) and an area in which the management offices and a conference area with attached entrance- and side rooms including a tea kitchen are located beside other therapy rooms. Both areas were equipped with the same creative elements and materials, but with a different emphasis. 

The child therapy rooms have curved walls, oak wood lamellae, coved lighting and a colourful carpet, reminding of a flower meadow or a bed of moss. The cheerful colouring lightens the atmosphere and helps relaxing which contributes to a better therapeutic access. The floor plan takes the spatial parameters into account and breaks away from conventional building geometries.

The other area is kept more representative, considering parameters like high passenger volume and the variable size of seminar groups in the course of the week. A continuous wooden lamellae ceiling (acoustic ceiling) and a mobile partition system in the conference area allow facilitate flexible utilisation and convenience for therapists and participants. Glass walls and a central entrance area, exposed from both sides of the facades, complete the overall consistent interior design of the institute despite the differing usages.

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