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Urban Development






715 m² |  8950 m³

The regeneration of the Viehmarkt Platz (Cattle Market Square) draws in the local and wider surroundings, with the offer of a foot and cycle path leading from the monastery to the market square between the Amperbrücke bridge and the town hall, as an intermediary between the nearby districts and also as an attractive square with a location-specific concentration of experiences and activities. The connection between the square and its surroundings is made on the one hand by the paths leading to and across it, and on the other hand by the views of the square, the immediate surroundings, the church towers and the monastery. 

In this sense, the building and the roofing are less objects on one surface, but rather part of a designed movement in space with a free sequence of places of perception. 

Thus the square space as a whole is bordered by a circumferential band from which a 'loop' develops, inviting visitors to stroll and linger as a walk-on roof. A tower on Pucher Strasse provides a vista over the rooftops, the Amper, the monastery and up into the mountains.

Instead of mapping the spatial and design programme, a high degree of playability and variability was created through the organisation on several levels and a lightly defined yet open-movement inner courtyard; attractive and open to future requirements and uses.

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