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480 m² |  2991 m³

A new home for a family of five on a suburban park-like plot. The building fits into the surrounding scenery as a modest and reduced spatial volume, reserved towards the street and the neighbourhood, opening up toward the garden and the landscape. The windowless street façade is given an abstract, representative appearance by the recessed entrance courtyard with a water basin illuminated from above, thereby serving security and the protection of privacy. Inside, the house opens generously to the garden and pool. Glass sliding doors allow the living space to be opened up completely on the side of the garden and terrace. All the rooms on the ground floor are connected in a space continuum but can also be separated. The demands of daily family life, representation and high safety requirements are met elegantly and seemingly without effort. A glazed fireplace already conveys a feeling of security and warmth upon arrival in the house and on the entire ground floor.

The private rooms are all located on the top floor, oriented to the South towards the garden. The bathrooms open up to the small void above the recessed entrance courtyard with large windows, flooded with light but protected from view.

The basement contains pool systems, utility rooms, an underground car park with five parking spaces and a fitness area/guest apartment with an outdoor courtyard.

The monolithic construction method with highly heat-insulating brick walls is complemented by natural, healthy building materials in the interior. The roof is covered with PV panels, which contribute significantly to the compensation of the energy consumption of electricity and groundwater heat pump in order to keep energy costs low along with environmental impact and maintenance costs.

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