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Office + Residential


Munich – Moosach




316 m² |  1988 m³

The prominently located new residential and office building at the junction of Feldmochinger Straße and Pelkovenstraße bridges the gap between the new buildings from the 1950s up to today and the listed rural buildings in the previous centre of the village in a modest, timeless and independent manner.


The arrangement of the commercial buildings on the street side and the development of the apartments from the yard-side follows the classical town house principle. The use of traditional building materials like brickwork, broom-finish plaster, wooden window frames divided by a central cross, plain beaver tail tile covering, wood panelling of the knee wall and the gable is varied with high attention to handcrafted details in consideration of the  influence of the location on the appearance of the village.


The interior spaces of the building are modern, spacious and flooded with light. Despite the exposed situation at the crossroads, the building is of quiet appearance, providing privacy and a high quality of living due to the specific design of the loggias on the gable side.


Featured in the architectural tour ’Architektouren’ of the Bayerische Architektenkammer (Association of Bavarian Architects) 2018.

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