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Residential + Commercial




LP 1 – 5


3345 m² |  43,570 m³

New construction of a municipal commercial building with residential area at Rotkreuzplatz, Munich. A commercial building is planned on a cramped site 22.5 m wide and 102 m long, which will provide large retail areas on two levels and two residential buildings above, which will be accessed from a roof garden level. On Nymphenburger Strasse, the new building blends into the building's surroundings and marks the transition from the square area to the adjoining street area to the north with the opposite high-rise building of the Rotkreuzklinikum. The façade is divided into two zones, the pedestal with access to the ground floor trade and the apartments above with French balconies. The transition between the large opening on the ground floor and the alternation of wall and window surfaces on the upper floor is conveyed through the widening of the facade pillars into the wall area above, which also emphasises the verticality of the building as the opposite of the high-rise building. The materiality of the façade made of sandblasted white concrete combines durability with timeless elegance.


The retail area in the basement is directly connected to the barrier floor of the underground. With three underground levels for storage, technology and garage, a total depth of up to 20 m in the groundwater, a direct connection to the underground and the partially listed neighbouring buildings, civil engineering is a constructive and technical challenge.


The preservation of the bordering large trees and a roof garden with a pergola above the commercial building should contribute positively to the perception of the new building. Furthermore, integrating it into the fabric of the front buildings and green backyards, and preserving and enhancing the overall green design and urban climate situation.

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