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As a well-established architecture firm we always try to unite disciplined professional seriousness with the joy we gain in our work and the  we have passion for architecture. We encourage our employees to gradually assume responsibility and gain further qualification as architects. From graduation to the architects chamber admission, from working on subtasks to partial responsibility as project managers.

We would like every team member to be able to make the project acquainted to them. evidently, the success of the project becomes a personal success and thus creates motivation to continue being committed to a project. In this way, our employees can confidently, safely and comprehensively fulfill their diverse tasks vis-à-vis clients and planning partners , with routine, commitment and pleasure. 

The conscious promotion of working mothers and fathers with flexible working hours and offers for re-entry enables employees with many years of experience to stay with us, contributes to the positive identification with our office and corresponds to our understanding of social responsibility as employers.



- Project manager / architect with professional experience in phases.

- Architecture graduate, proficiency in German Language required.

- Intern / working student specializing in architecture, duration at least 4 months.

Please feel free to send an email with your portfolio and curriculum vitae to the following address:

+49 89 123917310

Haack + Höpfner. Architects BDA

Agnes-Bernauer-Strasse 113
80687 Munich

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