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founding partner  by Haack + Höpfner. architects and urban planners  BDA (since 1996)


Chairwoman of the state association BDA Bavaria (since 2016)

Member of the board of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects
(since 2016)


Appointment to the design advisory board of the city of Lindau, 

1st Chair (since 2016)


Appointment to the design advisory board of the city of Bamberg (since 2015)


Appointment to the mobile design advisory board  Bavarian Chamber of Architects (since 2015)


Appointed to the Association of German Architects BDA (2005)


Professor of Building Construction and Design,
HTWG Konstanz, University of Applied Sciences for Technology, Economics and Design
Faculty of Architecture and Design (since 2011)


Teaching activities at the Technical University of Munich, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Coburg University of Applied Sciences,  Queen's University, Belfast


Scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for the  Architectural Association School of Architecture, London (1989-1990)


Studied architecture in London and Munich (1983-1991)



Member of the Architectural Association, Great Britain
(RIBA PART II + III,  Royal Institute of British Architects, London)

Member of the Chamber of Architects and registered urban planner, BYAK  


When  chosen  board member  the  BYAK  professional 
Involvement in various committees and committees, including member of the technical committee for architecture ASAP,  Worked as a specialist adjudicator in competitions and as an expert appraiser.

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